I am a Poet
By Kelly Grace Thomas

You ask me who I am
behind scrunched and pushed eyebrows,
that barks threats like a watchdog who has never been fed.
I look over my shoulder,
questioning the direction of you comment,
but still proceed with my one word answer.

There is no time for breath
or executed explanation.
Before I open my mouth,
you have already decided on indifference.
Your eyes cast down like fishing nets,
hitting the floor,
scooping and scraping
all the garbage
smelling your own stink.
 It’s always been easier to fight from below.

Your mind leans on the tangible,
the curseable,
the disable.
You have no words,
you make it all dismissible.
You pretend and depend
on dirty looks that silently speak
and shout
all the arguments
you never thought out. 
Another victim of lazifull doubt.

Who am I?
Who are you?
I am poet a wizard of words
placed on this page
to turn perspectives
with passion and potency.
I was brought here to change
the conditions, the rhythms
of a nation derailing in chaos therapy.
I am the writer, the fighter,
who lays awake in the night,
sweating from fright
for a world sinking in the mud of mediocrity.
I am the voice of a choice
of a place and a face
who pushes against the compliancy.  
I stand for the fight
and scribble what right.
Bound the words of my soul,
to make this new body whole,  
under the hypocrite canopy.

How dare you ask or even assume,
in society’s shadow
that there’s any more room
for judgments short of equality.

I am a poet who defends us all.
Armed with nothing but a pen
and a mind willing to bend,
to change this outlook of redundancy.
I shift from A-Z,
picking each word,
rewriting the occurred
to light a fire of expectancy.
"If we don't change" I yell 
"We'll be living in hell"
 If we don’t protest this deficiency
Somewhere along the way
I lost me
and you lost you.
With no idea and nothing left to do.
In this maze of indecency.

So when you ask who I am
I answer,
I am you savior,
who will not wavier,
who knows my fate
to set the world straight.
My words will ignite
and try to excite
the ones who lost their way
or had the courage to stay.
Just say what you mean.
Have the courage to dream.
You just need to believe
and the heart to receive. 
I am a poet.