The American Dream Was Sold
By Kelly Grace Thomas

Go ahead, America,
keep your dream.
There is no way I’m drinking your pop propaganda.
In nation lead by Kim Kardashian and Facebook fascists,
where the citizens are force fed McDonalds in the aisles of Walmart,  
while MTV mocks them with malnourished models.
Boasting their bullshit ideal of beauty and celebrity conceit.

America why are you destroying our youth?
In those concrete jungles with ebonics bars,
where is your call of duty in this modern warfare?
The children who once laughed have replaced happiness with joysticks,
their fingers dropping bombs in their bedrooms
while teddy bears sit unloved and books choke back tears.
They have traded in Nietzsche in for Nikes,
Gandhi for Ganja
Leadership for Laziness.
They know they don’t have to think for themselves,
when a television is doing all the work already.

We have a nation of iTeenagers waiting to download
the latest lie the Internet has sold them.
America, was it quicker to build prisons
then teach them how to read?
In the Superbowl of have and have not’s
we have plotted and plagued
and placed potential below the poverty line
pretending the next presidential term will terminate this apathy.
Waiting on a superman built by the corporations,
peddling Hot Cheetos kryptonite in the land of ADD.

America this competition of consumerism has gotten out of hand.
We barely touch one another anymore,
hiding behind our avatars and emoticons.
Text messages that tickle intention,
only half saying what we feel,
because all we want to do it meet-
Face to face.
Heart to heart.
Mind to mind.
In a minefield of 8’oclock evening news tragedy
there is no aisle in the 7-11 for dignity.
America, it is time to be purposeful with our pride 
for this rerun to reign with a renewed truth
handing power back to the disenfranchised youth.
We cannot continue to “chase what matters,"
dealing drugs instead of dreams.

America, you have voice, why not use it?
Ignore the American Idol votes and just speak for you,
for them,
for us,
for hope.
For pride and freedom
And all the values you put on clearance when things got hard.

 America when will you realize that your ratings are down?
We don’t want to be entertained, we want to be engaged, instead of enraged.
To break down the borders of boredom,
in this purgatory of Prozac,
where networks negotiate deals for our souls.
American can you see them?
The forgotten children,
wanting to live the land of the free.
Gathering sunglasses for a brighter tomorrow.
Hoping the next in office offers more optimism and less oppression.
American we’re here,
waiting for you
to buy back the dream.