The Post-It Problem
By Kelly Grace Thomas

I am plagued by Post-Its.
Predictions and promises
that dominant the demands of all
the expectations and anxieties
determined by a ticking clock
and timeline I can’t quite place myself on.

I have a listed life of of To Do’s and To Don’t
that are constantly chasing and changing,
to reflect the ramifications of evaluations
in the full-length of mirror Of what is supposed to happen.

These rainbowed squares adhere to my conscious.
Chewing on the criticism
that gets stuck between my teeth,  
that follows me through the week
wondering if I will ever get it all done.

I would love to say
that I have the strength to walk away
from this addiction
of keeping track
of looking back
of planning the attack.

But the plans keep coming,
placed on the lines that define  
a measured progress with no start or end.
Only to end up putting more 
weight on the pressure
that presses me
to press on
to keep strong.

To know that one day
when that post-it comes unstuck
and I have crossed a line through
every goddamn thing I was supposed to do.
There will always be another Post-it.