The Need for New

By Kelly Grace Thomas


This society is drunk on the promise of new.

New and improved, the newest version, try something new, new management, new age

New hope, new promise, new lies.

We have thrown away our compassion for the same old thing

We crashed this new world, and created new laws that made us the new king.

The state of the art, up to date, don’t make me wait

brand new approach of making everything disposable

in this epidemic of here one day, gone the next memories are negotiable.

Just erase, we can replace them, don’t regret ‘em learn to forget ‘em.

There is a new memory to take its place, a new lover, a new dream, new exciting chase. 

Before we dissolve the painful past, why not learn from it, let it sit awhile

Instead we look for new people to fix our old ways and cower in denial

There is this 24/7 search for a new savior, a new hope, a new dream,

New, the anthem of composed by our ancestor’s sung to this American scheme

The more Status quo we crave the deeper we sink in debt

The smarter our phones the dumber we get.

Always waiting to be ahead of the nation, an addict fixation for the latest creation.

Every four years we expect affirmation that some political sensation will feed this starvation.

Something or someone must lead to salvation.

God you look pretty in that new dress. Is that a new hairdo? Honey, you look great

Look at you with your new boyfriend, You like your new job? Have you lost weight?

Out with the old, in the new, it’s just what American have been taught to do.

A country always obsessed with wanting more, that we search for happiness behind each new door.

Isn’t time we try to fix old problem instead of throwing it in the trash

We talk about our emotions instead of hiding them with cash.

So the next time you itch for something new, think about what you really need

Fill you soul with understanding, instead of drowning it in greed. 

Because you are no your fucking jeans, iPad or your blinging diamond ring.

Don’t look for rescue in any one person, place or thing.

It’s okay to search for new ideas, that leads to new directions

But before turn to the outside look inner towards reflection.