By Kelly Grace Thomas


We are everything from the button on our jeans

to the dirty mud puddles  rainbow oil spill

to the undressing of someone you have wanted for so long

the thought of them pushed against your lungs

so every breath you inhaled began with their name.

There are those things in me,

the light and the dark,

the just is and the might bes.

We are born with fear and we must break it

like animal who has just seen the wild.

Hooves in the mud, running fast and faster to find our freedom,

against the sunset and the wind.

Only we know the boundaries subconscious can set

Your soul is trying teach you something

but first you must get close enough to hear its whisper.

Does it ask for justice in cold coffee conversation at roadside diner

where you have driven far away enough that

you have run into yourself once more.

Does it cry in the jail cell of abandonment

where everything is painted blue

to remind you that the sea and sky could

hold you just as tight if you

let someone or something touch you.

We are everything, and shouldn’t apologize but rather

ask what lesson have we learned already learned.

And write them in the sand to never forget where we were and

what we saw.