By Kelly Grace Thomas


Before I was rescued from the sea

I searched for lifelines with shaking hand,

was held by the under toe of repeating memories

floated in tears of wanting back something I never had.


I climbed a buoy, sat like a greedy seagull, whose want was so loud

it woke even the darkest creatures that lived at the bottom.

My call like the screech of a dying faith,

a church with empty pews.

I spoke of only lack, always hungry, always calling.


Before I got rescued from the sea,

Everything felt so big, and empty,

Lonely and drifting.

I couldn’t control the current, wind or wildlife

Tides of torment, waves breaking in my eyes.

Lungs breathing in salt water, questions pulling me down.

Before I got rescued from the sea I suddenly remembered,

I've always known how to swim.