Sixth Period Philosophies: Gabby the Goldfish

By Kelly Grace Thomas

Sidenote: Random lines were contributed by my students. I tried to weave the best I could .


Every since the dawn of time,

we’ve looked to goldfish to cheer us up.

Glass bowls and bubbly memories, ten second bliss with a dorsal fin.

I used to keep mine on the kitchen table;

I called her Gabby and told her all the best parts of my day.

One day over my after school afternoon snack,

she told, me she swallowed the moon because the sun was lonely.

She said, nothing was the same once we lost time, lost the up and down of things.

We used talk at the sixth grade lunch table about our pets.

Turkey sandwiches over a vile of chattering,

Kool-aid smiles and chocolate smudged fingers.

Life is like a feather, Tommy said, a whimsical statement due to the fact  

his puppy Buster loved to play catch.

I had Gabby the goldfish, who never sunk, who I was convinced

should be a professor in goldfish philosophy.

It took a single bullet to the shatter the glass.

I ate lunch alone the next day.

Between the light and the dark Gabby lives,

when I take a sip of coffee or ask Apollo why crows screech so loud.

The brightest of light creates the darkest shadows,

Every since the dawn of time,

We’ve looked for goldfish to cheer us up.