365 Thank Yous

By Kelly Grace Thomas


I count the things you have taught me,

on hurt fingers you’ve kissed, station-wagoned adventures

and long distance phone calls that carry the comfort of a hug.  

I count the lessons like constellations, a bed of jewels time can’t touch.

They glimmer in tide pools of midnight, reminding me I will sparkle instead of survive,  

because I, I am part of you.

Part of the voice that whispers there are no dark and hard corners,

because everything softens under the power of kindness.

My gratitude, like powdery petals of pink Bermuda sand,

could never fit into this poem, year or universe.

So as January opens a new chapter of sunrises, at a kitchen counter that feels like the

 safest place in the world, I stare at the blooming Amarillas and think of 365 ways to tell you that

I owe you everything and an ocean more.   

Thank you for the way you taught me to love, without apology or permission,

showing me to use my heart as a flashlight, remind me that smiling daisies grow in even the darkest forests.

Thank you for teaching me to appreciate the magic of abundance,

to live like a queen in the land of lobster and chardonnay, even if for only an eyelash bat of a moment.

To never forget we all deserve the wishes made off cruise ship balconies and in Las Vegas fountains.

We deserve to laugh in oceans the color of turquoise gems

and to be reminded family is the better than buried treasure.

We have all the gold we need. 

Thank you for showing me the value of still pond patience, a skill, like holding my breath, I’m still taking notes on. 

For showing me it will always get better, for holding my hand as I crossed troubled-watered bridges

where salt-water tides turned tears into laughter, heartbreak into harmony. 

You listen with a grace that makes unconditional support an art form, it has shaped the compass of my heartbeat.

Thank you for teaching me that learning is messy, but it takes many chapters to write a masterpiece.

Every day I search for words to match the beauty of what you have given me,

until they’re found I can only offer 365 simple thanks yous.

Thank you, for teaching how to use every inch of my heart.