For my sister, Kat Thomas. Happy New Year!

Hooray for Magic

By Kelly Grace Thomas


In this choose your-own-adventure life,

you must chase magic with breast-pocketed secrets,

hold it close as a heartbeat.

Bow to childlike honesty like pelicans in prayer.

Meet the breath of opportunity like the first days of summer,

saltwater doilied skin and watermelon soaked thumbs,

lick the warmth with lazy calico satisfaction.

Life can always sparkle.

Seek out glitter in birthday cards, on fingernails

and know that dancing is always appropriate

anytime and anywhere.

If you can’t hear the music, find another instrument,

and play it as loud a possible.

Wake the neighbors.

Do ballerina twirls in aisles of frozen peas,

make a maple tree your three-ringed, Big Top.

We were put on this earth to play,

make setbacks an obstacle course of sandbox philosophy.

Because whether you believe it or not,

something magical is always about to happen.