Patio Philosophy

By Kelly Grace Thomas


The unraveling came in waves,

threaded conversations

that broke in backyard patio thoughts in Adirondack chairs.

Conversations that slither between blinks throw you ten years back,

All the wide open-endedness.   

Specs on maps too far away

from home.

Only our hearts can navigate.  

We talk of commutes and wine tasting in grown-up shoes.

But the return of bad habit scream like headlines on welcome mats waiting to be protested.

There is no rock to set your feet upon.

No constant that doesn't slip through terrified thumbs.

You are not the person who used to be, but sometimes you need to visit the past

to realize the journey of distance.

Life is a series of ladders

where rungs fall like baby teeth

Shaky and loose.

 Leaving gaps.

Sometimes you need faith to fill in the space.